Why Are Intouch Employees So Dang Happy?

Find out what makes Intouch Group so special when it comes to employee engagement, and how that translates into happy, productive, loyal Intouchers.

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Intouch Homecoming Events Welcome New Employees

Over the past two weeks, Intouch has hosted return-to-office events we call Homecoming, and there are more to come in August and September. Check out what we did and see some pics from these amazing event days!


Intouch Supports Trans Employees With Roundtable Discussion

We’re committed to ensuring all Intouchers feel like they belong, and Pride Month has given us plenty of opportunities to demonstrate that support. Read on to learn about our recent discussion around issues people in the trans community face.


Forever Welcome Moves Forward With a Foundation

Sunayana Dumala lost her husband Srinu Kuchibhotla to a hate crime in early 2017, and Intouch was there to help. Today, his legacy lives on in the foundation she created. Check out our conversation to learn more about the foundation and this extraordinary Intoucher!


Intouch to Launch Contest to Combat Child Trafficking

Child sex trafficking is all around us, yet awareness about this type of criminal action is still limited. Find out how Intouch hopes to inspire young people to spread the message to their peers.


Inside Intouch: Building a Diverse Employee Community

Learn how and why the organization keeps inclusion and diversity top of mind, and how this affects not only our employees, but the work we do for clients every day.


Fine, We’re Humble-Bragging Again

Three Intouchers recently garnered industry attention, and we thought it would be wrong to not talk about it. Learn more about who they are and what makes them exceptional.


At Intouch, Employee Satisfaction Is Always Top of Mind

Great pay, a flexible work environment and unique employee-support programs wow candidates and old-school Intouchers alike.


Intouch Lives to Learn … and Teach

Summer is around the corner, and that means it’s time for more learning! Read on to find out about our free copywriting class, plus 2021 internship opportunities at Intouch. Don’t miss out!


Rare Disease Day 2021: Data Is the Key to a Rare Disease Diagnosis  

1 in 10 Americans are suffering from a rare disease and for some, it can take years to reach a diagnosis. We’re sharing stories that celebrate people who successfully reached a diagnosis through the power of data in honor of #RareDiseaseDay. Learn how to get involved!


Intouch’s Antonio Rivera Joins Panel on Equity & Inclusion at Work

Does your organization need to rethink how it approaches equity and inclusion? Intouch’s director of strategic inclusion has some tips.

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