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Pharma Marketing: Why There’s So Much of It and Why It Needs to Change

Intouch strategy SVP John Kenny shares his thoughts on pharma marketing and the need for mindful strategy — and strategists — in a recent episode of the podcast, On Strategy Showcase. Check it out!


Big Splash vs. Better Aim: Achieving Constant Strategy Optimization

If you’re not learning from how your messaging performs, you can kiss your audience goodbye. Read on to make sure your brand is doing content strategy right.


Rethinking How We Communicate About Chronic Diseases

Did you miss DTC National last week? Here’s a recap on Intouch strategy guru John Kenny’s masterclass on communicating more authentically with and about chronic conditions and the patients who have them.


Level Up Your Brand’s Approach to Hispanic Audiences

There’s a spectrum of audiences to whom pharma communications need to appeal, and it’s the right time to reflect our society’s sophisticated diversity.


Show Your Work: Quantifying Impact to Communicate Your Marketing Strategy

In this POV, we explain a 5-step framework for making the best strategic decisions for your brand.


Timing Isn’t (Quite) Everything: How to Achieve Content Velocity

It doesn’t matter if you have the best ideas if nobody knows about them. But how do you gain visibility? Check out these four tips for pharma marketing success.


7 Tips for Integrating SMS Texts Into Your Brand Strategy

SMS messaging is an integral part of multichannel marketing capabilities, and it’s easier to activate and integrate across organizations and programs than you might think!


How Modular Content Can Up Your Marketing Game – A Whitepaper

As demand for more and more digital content grows, a modular approach offers a way to manage the need for speed. Learn what it is and how to do it, here.


DTC Panel to Discuss Engaging Empowered Consumers & Patients

Intouch’s strategic planning SVP, John Kenny, will join panelists to talk about steps pharma marketers can take to reach, educate, and connect with those who need our help most.


The Nick of Time: Multimillion-Dollar Jonas Ad Raises Controversy

It’s more important than ever to be aware of the tension between marketing and price. How is your brand balancing ad spend with treatment access and affordability?

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