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Where Are You on the Path to Data-Driven Pharma Marketing?

The right data can help pharma brands understand, predict, and answer customer needs before they even arise.


Show Your Work: Quantifying Impact to Communicate Your Marketing Strategy

In this POV, we explain a 5-step framework for making the best strategic decisions for your brand.


iOS 15 Update: Mail Privacy Protection

How will pharma marketers continue to deliver ethical, quality email experiences and personalization when Apple’s update hits? Read our POV to find out.


Staying Relevant: Creating Personalized Messaging for Pharma Customers

How can pharma marketers stay agile in their messaging and remain top of mind in the digital era? Intouch’s top tech authority, David Windhausen, has the answers.


Want Great Craft? Get Audacious

What’s the movie “Titanic” got to do with producing great advertising? Nicholas Capanear — Intouch’s craft evangelist — has the answers.


7 Tips for Integrating SMS Texts Into Your Brand Strategy

SMS messaging is an integral part of multichannel marketing capabilities, and it’s easier to activate and integrate across organizations and programs than you might think!


Reaching LGBTQ+ Audiences With an Inclusivity Assessment

Today, a growing percentage of Americans identify as LGBTQ+, and support for this diverse community is on the rise. What is your brand doing when it comes to thinking and acting inclusively?


Highlights From the 2021 STAT Health Tech Summit

The 2021 virtual conference covered everything from remote monitoring to telehealth. Here’s our highlight reel – a few of the moments we found to be most meaningful, interesting, forward-looking, or otherwise notable.


Why Clubhouse Sucks … But Might Be Exactly What Pharma Needs Right Now

What makes Clubhouse unique (at the moment) is its hyper-focus on audio. In this POV, we discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of this social app, and how pharma can participate in this evolving space.


In Healthcare Advertising, Craft Isn’t Optional Anymore

Intouch executive director of craft, Nicholas Capanear says healthcare advertising is awakening to the need for craft. Learn more about Capanear, his take on the role of creativity and why there’s no going back to the way it was before.

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