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Intoucher Adopts Daughter, Lives His Best Life

In honor of National Adoption Day, check out our Q&A with one Intoucher who applied our adoption benefit to smooth the transition when his daughter came home.


“It’s the Integrity” – An Intouch Boomerang Talks About What Drew Her Back

“Boomerangs” are Intouch employees who leave and then return. Check out our Q&A with this group copy supervisor and find out what drew her back.


Checking in With Intouch “Boomerang” Stephanie Davis

“Boomerangs” are employees who leave and then return to Intouch. Check out our Q&A with this senior project manager and find out what drew her back.


Intouch Closes Hispanic Heritage Month With Two Conversations About Race

Our Inclusion + Diversity Alliance gave us more food for thought this year, with its 2-day “Confrontando Colorism” series. Check out what we discussed and learned!


A Chat With Intouch “Boomerang,” Sarah Gaddy

Find out what made this group program director return to Intouch, six years after leaving.


Intouch Celebrates Intouchers With Pep Rallies in 6 Cities

We don’t see each other in person much these days, but when we do, it’s like we were never apart. Check out what happens when Intouchers get together.


A Conversation With an Intouch “Boomerang”

“Boomerangs” are employees who leave and then return to Intouch. Check out our Q&A with Michaela Bradshaw, an account director in Kansas City, to learn what made coming back to Intouch a no-brainer!


A Day in the Life of an Intouch CX Strategy Director

Great customer experiences are key to building strong relationships in any business. Find out what doing CX strategy work at Intouch looks like, and consider applying for one of our many open CX positions.


Life Inside Intouch: An Intern’s Perspective

From navigating a fully remote work environment to collaborating with other interns to wondering where the time goes, Intouch editorial intern Daphne Saloomey takes us behind the curtain.


Intouch Supports Trans Employees With Roundtable Discussion

We’re committed to ensuring all Intouchers feel like they belong, and Pride Month has given us plenty of opportunities to demonstrate that support. Read on to learn about our recent discussion around issues people in the trans community face.

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