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Trans Healthcare: How Pharma Marketers Can Positively Impact This Underserved Community

In this POV, you’ll learn about the hurdles transgender people face in seeking care, and how pharma marketers can help clear the path.


Drug Pricing Reform: Never Out of the Headlines

Drug pricing is not going to disappear from legislators’ desks, and even big-business-friendly politicians have pharma in their sights. Learn more about what pharma marketers need to know and do in this climate.


$ to Switch: What Brands Need to Know and Do About New PBM Tactics

If Cigna’s cash incentive becomes precedent, are you prepared to quickly react if your brand is the focus for a new non-medical switching campaign?


Drug Pricing Reform: Who Will Hold the Medicare Part D Contracting Cards?

Now is the time to scenario-plan for a world where drug pricing assumptions account for increased discounts. Find out what pharma needs to do to prepare for this evolution.


Three Areas Payers Are Redefining Following COVID-19

Intouch SVP of market access Mike Motto weighs in on how, in addition to value and technology, new payer partnerships and acquisitions are influencing this evolution.


Brand & Market Access Leaders, Your Time Is Now

New administration, new approach to healthcare: the old playbook isn’t enough anymore. Is your pharma brand ready to optimize patient, caregiver, and HCP experiences in this evolving landscape?


Concierge Medicine: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

How does concierge medicine affect patients, healthcare providers, and pharma? And what’s pharma’s role in this growing healthcare arena? Read on to find out.


Drug Pricing – How Pharma Can Ease the Burden

In this POV, market access gurus Mike Motto, Glen Davis, and Peter Weissberg, discuss recent Trump administration action on drug pricing, the likelihood of further action before the 2020 election, and how pharma manufacturers can provide affordable options for more Americans.


The Evolution of Retail Healthcare Models

Major national pharmacy chains have announced new options for patients who would like affordable, one-stop, comprehensive healthcare outside of the traditional care setting, as well as new opportunities for PCPs. Three Intouch market access experts offer considerations and opportunities for pharma marketers to navigate this growing retail healthcare delivery trend.


COVID-19 and Its Impact on Market Access (Payers and Organized Providers)

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacturers to enhance their existing payer relationships while also delivering for HCPs and patients faced with navigating their new access and reimbursement realities.

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