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Show Your Work: Quantifying Impact to Communicate Your Marketing Strategy

In this POV, we explain a 5-step framework for making the best strategic decisions for your brand.


iOS 15 Update: Mail Privacy Protection

How will pharma marketers continue to deliver ethical, quality email experiences and personalization when Apple’s update hits? Read our POV to find out.


Trans Healthcare: How Pharma Marketers Can Positively Impact This Underserved Community

In this POV, you’ll learn about the hurdles transgender people face in seeking care, and how pharma marketers can help clear the path.


Digital Accessibility in Pharma

Creating content and tools that can be accessed by people with disabilities is vital to healthcare marketers. Is your brand ready to improve accessibility for all?


Why Clubhouse Sucks … But Might Be Exactly What Pharma Needs Right Now

What makes Clubhouse unique (at the moment) is its hyper-focus on audio. In this POV, we discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of this social app, and how pharma can participate in this evolving space.


Urgency at SXSW: Innovate at the Speed of the Pandemic

Inequity, tech burnout, a year of isolation – the pandemic has taken a toll on each of us. Learn more about how healthcare brands can ease these burdens and move forward successfully in this changed world.


What Matters Most: The Trends That Will Shape Pharma Marketing in 2021

Each year, Intouch creates a “what to watch for” POV to help pharma marketers prepare for the coming year. Here, we explore 5 interrelated aspects of the pandemic’s effects, predict how they will continue to play out in 2021, and recommend how to grow and benefit from them.


Drug Pricing – How Pharma Can Ease the Burden

In this POV, market access gurus Mike Motto, Glen Davis, and Peter Weissberg, discuss recent Trump administration action on drug pricing, the likelihood of further action before the 2020 election, and how pharma manufacturers can provide affordable options for more Americans.


The Evolution of Retail Healthcare Models

Major national pharmacy chains have announced new options for patients who would like affordable, one-stop, comprehensive healthcare outside of the traditional care setting, as well as new opportunities for PCPs. Three Intouch market access experts offer considerations and opportunities for pharma marketers to navigate this growing retail healthcare delivery trend.


What Every Healthcare Marketer Needs to Know About Inclusive Marketing

Marketing that accurately reflects the population matters more than ever. Reaching out appropriately to untapped audiences offers brands enormous potential to make a difference. In this POV, senior RM strategist Chanel Hemphill discusses best practices for marketing to the Black community.

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