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Take Out the Garbage: 4 Ways to Ensure Equity in Healthcare AI

Data and AI scientists must strive to eliminate bias from anything that touches patient care. Find out how, from Intouch AI expert Abid Rahman.


Staying Relevant: Creating Personalized Messaging for Pharma Customers

How can pharma marketers stay agile in their messaging and remain top of mind in the digital era? Intouch’s top tech authority, David Windhausen, has the answers.


Telehealth’s Vital Role in Improving Oncology  

The pharma industry has the opportunity to go further, creating even better solutions that improve health along the entire continuum of care. Read on to learn more.


Predicting the Future of Data Privacy Regulation

Get our summary of a discussion between the Coalition for Healthcare Communication and Alison Pepper, EVP of Government Relations at the 4A’s, about the current data-privacy landscape.


CES 2020: Artificial Intelligence Takes Center Stage

Two of Intouch’s innovation experts attended CES 2020 earlier this month and brought back highlights from the conference, including scary-real-looking, AI-powered artificial humans, advances in personal health tech and more.


Oculus Connect 6: The Exciting Promise of VR in Healthcare

Facebook’s late-September Oculus Connect 6 event covered a lot of ground on the future of augmented and virtual reality. This recap highlights Oculus’s biggest announcements from the AR and VR event, covers the practical applications for patients, and addresses some of the ramifications for pharma.


Google I/O Keynote Recap: AI, Accessibility and More

Google kicked off its annual developer conference, Google I/O, on Tuesday, with CEO Sundar Pichai stating that Google is “moving from a company that helps you find answers to a company that helps you get things done.” This appears to be very much the case: in addition to potentially life-changing accessibility tools for people with […]


The Amazonification of Health

The Amazonification of health is happening, slowly but surely, whether pharma is ready or not. To maintain and build relationships with their customers, pharma marketers must reach for the “Amazon bar.”