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With rapidly changing dynamics in the US healthcare landscape, the Intouch Market Access team is at the forefront of applying timely insights and modern marketing discipline to create payer, organized provider group, and patient support strategies. Our expertise as market access strategists and precision marketers allows us to make a difference for clients and patients alike. We’re adept at rapid problem solving and providing both game-changing market access solutions and meaningful results. Our market access strategic processes and playbooks drive disciplined approaches, efficiency, and value for our clients.

Our Origin Story

Providing Access to Much-Needed Therapies From Day One

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Our CEO and founder, Faruk Capan, was born and raised in Turkey. He came to the United States – and the University of Central Missouri – for graduate studies. After an internship at pharmaceutical company Marion Merrell Dow (now Sanofi), Faruk landed at Teva Marion Partners (now Teva), where he built the first-ever online patient portal, MSWatch. The first website of its kind, it was a major innovation in the 1990s – as well as a major challenge, as the team learned to manage entirely new ways of communicating with patients.

Intouch Market Access delivers core market access strategies and so much more.

With MSWatch, Faruk learned the invaluable ins and outs of medical, legal, and regulatory reviews. He tested boundaries. And he badly wanted to keep innovating. Very badly. So badly that he would occasionally go rogue and break rules. Finally, his boss said these fateful words: “I don’t want to fire you. But maybe you should start your own company.” With no detailed plan, a six-month-old baby, and little more than a dream, Faruk quit his job and founded Intouch in 1999.

Ever since that first pharma patient portal, Intouch has had many other “firsts” – more than we can mention here – leading the pharma industry through innovation. In 2018, Intouch reorganized to become Intouch Group, a parent organization representing multiple agency affiliates with a diverse suite of full-service capabilities.

At Intouch, we pride ourselves on staying one step ahead of our clients’ needs. Accordingly, when we realized market access was becoming increasingly important to clients and would be a critical weapon in our arsenal to help them reach their business goals, we responded with gusto, establishing Intouch Market Access and building a robust team with a priority on experience and expertise. In fact, the Market Access team boasts 100+ years in market access experience, covering more than 20 therapeutic areas across all payer and reimbursement types.

Our team is backed by “deep dive” functional area specialists from across the network: 15+ disciplines, from account services and strategic planning to analytics, creative, and more. In just five years, we’ve successfully led more than 70 client projects, 15 market access launches, 10 patient support program engagements, and three market access AOR engagements. Today, Intouch Market Access is part of a powerful global presence in healthcare marketing, a five-time pharma agency of the year winner, a five-time best place to work, and one of the top 20 most creatively awarded healthcare agencies.

After 20+ years, a history of great work, and tremendous growth, Intouch doesn’t sound much like a start-up anymore. But Faruk still approaches our business as one to ensure we continually adapt, evolve, and grow. It’s why we continue to champion our unique capacity for seeking and embracing change, our tenacity in taking on major challenges, and our commitment to true innovation.

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