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Need a groundbreaking creative campaign to launch your global brand? How about strategic, actionable insights on the data you’re collecting? Or enterprise-wide innovations to move your organization to the next level? No matter the challenge you’re facing, Intouch Group will help you overcome it. You get all the advantages of a network’s size and scale, powered by the creative, innovative spirit of an independent.

Intouch Affiliates

Intouch Group

A privately held agency network of dreamer-innovators dedicated to the life sciences. Intouch Group was formed in 2018 and continually evolves to best meet today’s – and tomorrow’s – challenges.

Intouch Solutions

Our first full-service agency, founded in 1999, offering a wide range of disciplines and capabilities. Our never-say-quit attitude combined with an unmatched breadth of expertise, creativity, and talent make magic happen on the daily.

Intouch Proto

A full-service agency created in 2017 to help us manage unprecedented growth. We’re not afraid to take the right risks, because we love to help clients win.

Intouch Seven

A full-service agency launched in 2020 to provide singular focus to new clients. We help brands stand out with stellar strategy and bright, powerful creative.

Intouch Oxygen

A full-service health and wellness agency, established in 2021 to best serve our clients’ marketing needs. We have a passion for finding the secret to your brand’s success, then building living, breathing, vibrant brand experiences around it.

Intouch B2D

Our marketing technology hub launched in 2018 to offer enterprise consulting, MCM strategy, customer engagement solutions, and governance and change management.

Intouch Media

Our full-service media agency, created in 2018 to support both Intouch accounts and media-only clients.

Intouch Analytics

Our full-service analytics practice, created in 2018 to convert data into both value and opportunity for Intouch Group clients.

Intouch Market Access

In practice since 2016, and officially launched as an affiliate in 2021, Market Access elevates brands by creating strategies and building tactics that drive meaningful payer engagement in support of patients.

Intouch MedComm

Solidifying affiliate status in 2021, our medical communications practice combines clinical acumen and omnichannel expertise to create innovative and engaging experiences for scientific exchange.

Intouch International

Our full-service global agency and joint venture with Healthware Group, founded in 2016.

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